Help animals: Let your mouse roar!

Vegan mac and cheese

The vegan recipe referred to in this post. Picture from the National Post.

Love animals? Online a lot? Perfect. There’s so much good you can do for animals with a few clicks of your mouse.

You may have heard of ClicktoGive, a company that contributes funds to charitable organizations. Enter “click to give” into a search engine. A list of organizations with a click-to-give button on their site will come up.

I chose The Animal Rescue Site’s Click to Give page, and there at the very top is a big purple button. Click it and get this message:

Thank you for clicking! Your click gave the value of .6 bowls of food for rescued animals. Want to do more? Visit our sponsors below.

There are so many other ways in which a mouse click can help animals. When I read a newspaper article or blog post that deals with animal issues: I tweet it, I post it to my Facebook page, and on Facebook I share that link with my friends.

Every click counts. Editors of online and mainstream media keep track of  items flying around the world via mouse clicks. It’s part of their market research.

I am quick to retweet articles on animal issues. I’ll also follow with my own quick tweet commentary on what I’ve just retweeted. It takes so little time, but the global impact of 140 characters can be enormous.

I’m also quick to comment on anything animal-related. Comments, like mouse clicks, are guideposts for editors. Whether it’s an article about animal cruelty or a vegan recipe printed in a mainstream newspaper like Canada’s National Post, I make my voice heard by retweeting and commenting.

I can’t stress enough the importance of  commenting. Animal articles typically bring out the abusers, who post jokey comments about animals in distress. It’s up to animal lovers to provide a compassionate response to the story.

We don’t have to take on the abusers in a battle of the comment boxes. We just have to take the time to show that we care about animals. A few words, one click, and you’ve done a lot more than you think for animals.


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