Choosy vegans choose Urban Decay

Urban Decay packaging rocks, but what's inside rocks harder!

As a vegan, I know I’m beautiful on the inside. My colon is as clear as my conscience. And I think I’m doing pretty well on the outside too. The acne that plagued me all my life has gone completely. Good riddance dairy products and the acne-causing inflammation that you bring!

Nevertheless, I don’t mind admitting I could use a little help getting gorgeous. I won’t sacrifice my pledge to animals for beauty’s sake. Thank goodness I don’t have to.

Urban Decay creates products that are as close to perfection as makeup gets.  Now I know that other lines are cruelty free – Smashbox and Clinique to name just two of the biggest – but there’s a little something extra to Urban Decay.

Not only are all their products cruelty-free, in other words not tested on animals, but nearly two thirds of Urban Decay products are completely vegan. That means that when you chew your lips and eat your Urban Decay lipstick in Voodoo, you won’t be chowing down on any animal residue.

Voodoo, a dark pink that’s almost red, is my absolutest favouritest lipstick colour in the world. Though as a makeup hoarder, I have all Urban Decay’s other vegan colours as well. Not to mention the vegan eyeshadows. I like the sparkly ones best. Vogue magazine says sparkle is best left to teenagers, but Vogue is terribly wrong on this point.

Urban Decay vegan eyeshadow in Urb

Try Urb and see what I mean. You can’t fail with a colour this fabulous. It’s a luminescent light green that lights up your face. It goes perfectly with a black eyeliner.

The company publishes a list of its vegan products that you can take to the store. But if you’re shopping at Sephora, the Urban Decay counter prominently displays a pawprint beside the names of all products that are vegan, so you can save a tree and not print the list.

To make things super-easy, Urban Decay publishes a list of vegan looks. So you can just pick the look you like and buy all the products that make that look happen, knowing they’re all vegan and there’s no need to check for pawprints. Each look is about $100. The thing is, these products sell out quickly.  It’s clear that Urban Decay can’t keep up with demand. And we vegans are demanding!

Makeup fanatics have a name for their most prized items, the ones they can’t live without. We call them our Holy Grails, or HG for short, and these are mine:

The mattifying powder looks white but goes on sheer and lights up your complexion.

Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder and De-Slick in a Tube.  I can wear these and forego foundation. I’m telling you, these products are divine!

Most drugstore makeup is cheaper to buy, but is tested on animals.

The entire family of L’Oreal products, including Maybelline, are cruel cosmetics. Animals died so that chemists could make a blush or foundation.

And that’s just not beautiful.

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