Me and my book

I wrote this book about the little white duck who turned me vegan

Hi, I’m Bonnie. I am a vegan blogger with a difference. You won’t find recipes on this blog. My veganism isn’t about food. I like food, but I’m not a foodie. I like to eat, but I’d rather someone else do the cooking.

I am a writer and editor in Toronto, Canada. I live with my big cat Leo in a condo in a very quaint part of town. I am single at the moment. It’s been a very long moment!

I became a vegan after I met a little white duck who changed my life.  My love of that little white duck lead me to vow never to harm an animal by eating one. I had been a meat-eater; I became vegan overnight. I have never looked back.

My vegan lifestyle is all-encompassing. Here I’ll talk about living la vida vegan, most importantly, dealing with the prejudices of non-vegans. Or their acceptance! Plus groovy vegan products, ideas, musings and other stuff.

But definitely no recipes. I’m not that good a cook.

I’d love to hear from you: email me at canadianbonnie@ymail.com or contact me on twitter or flickr.



This is me. Hi, how are ya?


4 Responses to About

  1. Nelson says:

    Bonnie, I’m totally and absolutely impressed. It’s about your writing, your style, your commitment to your beliefs. You’re an inspiration, one I hope to use to get off my butt and actually move beyond ideas into action! Cheers in your living al veda vegan!

  2. paul ernst says:

    Glad to see you posted Greenie’s picture. We still talk about actually meeting him this summer and hope the pond situation is resolved in his favor.

  3. paul ernst says:

    I found an old decoy by the road and with putty and paint got him looking like the picture I took of Greenie. His home will be my front porch with a mallard hen.

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