Why littlewhiteduck?


The little white duck who changed my life

I chose the name littlewhiteduck for my blog because it was a little white duck who turned me vegan.

Well, he didn’t personally talk to me about being a vegan.

How it happened was that I met him living in a large urban park in my city. I took to him immediately. White ducks are so gorgeous, they strut the catwalk in the duck world.

White ducks are farm ducks. They don’t breed naturally in the wild. So what had happened, with my little white duck, is that he had been purchased as an Easter gift no doubt, and when he grew too big for the selfish family that bought him, they dumped in the park, figuring, a duck is a duck is a duck.

Well, not so. White Pekin ducks don’t fly. So, put a Pekin in a park with man, and ducks, and coyotes and foxes, and you have a recipe for disaster.

But Ducky was so wise, and so strategic, that he survived, and thrived, and became the father figure for a whole family of what are known as “dumped” ducks, Easter gifts left to survive in public parks.

I fell in love with this little white duck and after a few months of getting to know him, and appreciating daily how lively, beautiful, sensible, sensitive and wise he was, I made a vow to never harm an animal.

Ducky had a personality that shone like the stars. He could have rocked the Leno show better than any starlet ever did. If he could talk.

But he could talk – quacking is a language. Just because we people don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid means of communication!

Loving Ducky inspired me to become a vegan. And it was easy to give up things I’d eaten in abundance just the day before. Chicken, cheese, ice cream – nothing is more powerful than a vow you make to yourself and your God.

Hence, this blog is dedicated to that little white duck, who I named Ducky.

I wrote a book about him, which is available for a very reasonable price.


One Response to Why littlewhiteduck?

  1. paul ernst says:

    My wife and I just made a trip from CO to Vt. On the way we found Greenie in High Park. We took the route through Toranto so all our watching on the computer would be personal. We were thrilled to see the last survivor. I wish I could have known Duckie and the others. We show our friends his picture in your book and our pictures to prove it’s him. High Park is great. Thank you for all the posting. I go to it most every night, especially when I am up late with heart rhythm issues.
    Paul and Mary

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